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Craig Conway: The Man Behind Janus International Europe’s Production Operations

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You are the International Production Director of Janus International Europe, tell us what your role entails?

I am responsible for overseeing Manufacturing, Procurement, Logistics, and R&D, ensuring that Janus International Europe continues to be a market leader in product innovation and delivering an unbeatable customer experience to self-storage operators and their tenants.
My role includes devising strategic growth plans for all manufacturing plants across Europe and Australia, while also running our daily operations.

Craig Conway Janus
“Our mission is to build long-term relationships with our clients and be the partner of choice for self-storage design, manufacture, installation, and access control solutions.”
Craig Conway

What is the main purpose, mission, and vision of Janus International Europe?

Janus International Group is a leading self-storage manufacturing business, with a client footprint across the US, Europe, Australasia and beyond.

Janus International Europe is committed to not only offering operational excellence and the highest quality steel products but also maintaining an understanding of our impact on the environment. With this in mind, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and strive for maximum recyclability.

In addition, our Purchasing and Logistics teams stay informed of market fluctuations to help ensure client expectations are met and our business can remain resilient in a changing global market.

How has production and manufacturing developed internationally over the years?

Digitalisation and digital twin technology will be key to the future development of global business and manufacturing. This enables open, transparent operations and combined solutions allowing multiple departments to collaborate seamlessly. Providing current up-to-date information to our business leaders supports the strategic planning of client projects and corporate decision making.

Inwards investment in our facilities with new machinery, equipment and technology has resulted in carbon reductions, energy efficiencies and increased production.
Janus International Europe is continuously exploring new ventures and growth opportunities through creative research and new product development, such as our MASS and Vault external units, as well as Nokē Smart Entry.

“Our mission is to build long-term relationships with our clients and be the partner of choice for self-storage design, manufacture, installation, and access control solutions.”
“We have implemented certain policies and procedures to ensure that we are minimising our environmental impact, supporting the communities where we operate, and maintaining strong ethical standards.”

Tell us about how fundamental Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is to Janus International Europe and to the self-storage market.

ESG has become an increasingly important factor for self-storage companies to consider when making business decisions. At Janus International Europe, we take our ESG responsibilities very seriously, understanding that our actions can have both positive and negative impacts.

Tenants are more conscious of their carbon footprint and environmental impact, thus seeking out more sustainable storage solutions. Additionally, the rise of shared economy platforms and alternative business models has brought a renewed focus on the social and ethical implications of business practices.
We continue to innovate and evolve to meet the needs of our customers and communities. For example, Janus International Europe has exclusive rights in the self-storage industry to offer the groundbreaking, more sustainable coloured steel solution GreenCoat® Pural BT by SSAB.

What have been your biggest wins and challenges since you started at Janus International Europe?

Since I joined the company, my biggest accomplishments and challenges include staying operational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with our team dedicated to implementing new safety protocols that comply with government regulations.

Janus International Europe was able to continue supporting customers and managing international projects in a safe and compliant manner throughout this uncertain time.

We have also integrated new technology into the business, making us more efficient whilst upskilling our teams to use these enhanced systems.

“I’m very proud of the way my teams have handled the challenging circumstances during the past three years as it has demonstrated their flexibility, skills, and determination to succeed.”

How has digital marketing contributed to Janus International Europe’s growth?

Janus International Europe has benefited immensely from digital marketing in expanding our reach and growth. By utilising digital platforms such as social media, email marketing, and website optimisation, we can engage with customers and contacts from all corners of the globe.

The company’s commitment to using digital marketing as a tool for growth will continue to drive our success. We are always looking at new and exciting ways to interact with and support customers and one example is the digital unit visualiser tool on our website.

You offer a complete self-storage solution and support operators throughout their business, what advice would you give to new self-storage operators?

My advice would be to start with the basics – conduct market research, write a solid business plan, and invest in high-quality products, infrastructure, technology, as well as marketing. Self-storage is a competitive industry, and building a successful business takes time and effort. Keep learning, adapt to changes, and continuously work towards providing exceptional customer service!

"At Janus International Europe, we support customers and their projects from start to completion, and beyond. Our experienced sales team is happy to offer a free consultation and our startup support page provides essential details for those who are new to self-storage."
Craig Conway

Thanks to Craig and the Janus International Europe team, We appreciate you sharing your valuable knowledge about Janus and the self-storage industry. We look forward to collaborating further as Janus continues to thrive!

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