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How did Amax Marketing help boost sales inside of Aviation E-commerce?

Who are Aerospheres?

Aerospheres is a world-class supplier of chemicals, paints, adhesives, sealants and more for the aviation and commercial airline industry. Based in Harrow, and has been in operation since 1990, They play a pivotal role as a supplier of over 14,000 products to more than 800 worldwide airlines around the globe. They are the one-stop shop for aircraft maintenance.

Where did they need help?

Having launched a new e-commerce site to sell products, the Aerospheres team didn’t think about SEO first when launching. In August of 2022, the Aerospheres team reached out to us for a discussion concerning their marketing strategies and methods to enhance their sales performance. Their legacy leads were delivered through telephone inquiries, email marketing and long contract agreements.


Expanding the reach and impact of their website.

Increase sales via e-commerce & online sales.

Aim for growth specifically within the United Kingdom.

How did Amax Marketing Help?

First things first, let’s fix what’s broken and let’s see where the competitors are.

Quite frankly, Aerospheres were behind on link building, content, and SEO activity. This was no surprise to the team, as they didn’t think about SEO first when launching. 

We ran a Technical SEO Audit

This is where we looked at what’s missing on the site, what needs to be fixed, how to do it & put this together in terms of priority.


Fix everything from the technical audit

We then started tackling the most important fixes to make sure they had the right foundations in place.

Keyword research and optimise all category pages & 40 product listings per month.

We looked at the data to see what people search for on Google. What are the most lucrative products for Aerospheres, then we started producing some on-page activity starting with the category pages.

High-quality backlinks per month

Still to this day, building links still holds so much weight as a ranking factor, we needed to start building links through digital PR.

Fast Forward 8 months...

1 %
increase in visitors’ month-on-month
1 %
increase in average organic search clicks per day
positions up on average
new positions on Google search results
new Google positions (Knowledge panel, featured snippet, Image pack, etc.)
Increase Domain Rating significantly (DR) from 15 to 24
130 to 356 referring domains

“We are thrilled to share our experience with Amax Marketing. Their exceptional SEO services have transformed our online business. From the outset, their team exhibited professionalism, expertise, and a deep understanding of our business goals.

Their strategic optimisation techniques and commitment to staying updated with industry trends have resulted in a significant boost in our website’s visibility and organic traffic.

The transparency and regular reporting provided by Amax Marketing have been invaluable in tracking the progress and impact of their efforts. I wholeheartedly recommend Amax Marketing to anyone seeking remarkable SEO services that deliver tangible results.”

Sandra Lorgeron

E-commerce Manager

What’s Next?

We’re not stopping here as the sales have increased, we are going to keep.
optimising and doubling up on SEO activities to boost even more traffic to the site. Which will lead to more online sales!

If you are an e-commerce business and want to generate more sales through SEO or PPC strategies, speak to the Amax Marketing team today, and let’s discuss your site!

How Amax helped boost sales inside of Aviation e-commerce

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