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Why Is SEO Important For The Self Storage Industry?

Self Storage

When any industry grows, it brings a new influx of customers to existing businesses, but it also increases competition, as more consumers search for products and services within the industry.

So what does that mean for self storage companies? Simply put, businesses in the self storage sector will have to invest in self storage marketing tools that can help them stand out from the crowd and attract visitors to use their services.

If there are thousands of people searching for self storage units every day, you want them to use yours. How can you make that happen? By using a handy marketing technique called SEO.


What Is SEO?

If you’ve ever wondered what companies use to get themselves to the top of Google, spoiler alert: it isn’t sorcery. It’s a little something called search engine optimisation, known in the biz as SEO.

Search engine optimisation involves maximising your website for Google’s algorithm, so Google and other search engines push your content to one of the first pages users find when they type in a given search term.

There are two types of SEO for self storage: on-page and off-page. On-page SEO involves using keywords in your content, and structuring blog posts and other copy in a way that appeals to Google’s algorithm.

Off-page SEO happens when other websites link to your content, which shows Google that you’re an authority that others are using as a resource.

Why Is SEO Important For The Self Storage Industry?

SEO is one of the most important tools any business has at its disposal. In fact, SEO can reduce the cost of customer acquisition by 87.41%, so it’s not only an effective way to get your website seen, but it can also save your business money in other areas.

Consumers searching for self storage units are likely to search for a unit near their location on Google before looking elsewhere.

Because self storage facilities are localised, there are few world-famous multinational self storage companies that consumers think of as a default, as opposed to companies like Apple and Coca-Cola, which lead their fields.

This levels the playing field, meaning small and medium self storage units have the same chance of being seen as their larger counterparts, thanks to some SEO wizardry.

Here are just some of the ways SEO can benefit your self storage business.

SEO Helps Customers Find You

So you’ve set up a well-written website full of professional visual content – now you just need your customers to find it. With most of your target audience searching for self storage online, your best bet of being found organically is by ranking high on Google.

Ranking high on Google increasing your company’s perceived legitimacy and increases the volume of traffic to your site. When paired with a content marketing scheme that converts site visitors to paying customers, SEO is an incredibly effective way to increase your profits.


SEO Gives You Insights Into Your Customers

Keyword research doesn’t only help your SEO strategy; it also gives you an insight into what your customers really want.

By looking at your target audience’s search terms, you can better understand their needs and market your services accordingly. If you find that people searching for self storage are also looking for packing materials, for example, you could offer packing materials as an extra service.

SEO Is Perfect For Localised Searches

Most people looking for self storage units, are searching using place names, or searching for ‘self storage units near me.’

Self storage as an industry benefits from appealing to a variety of users from various geographical locations, so rather than fighting it out with companies based on the other side of the country, you only need to complete with other self storage units in your area.

By adding keywords related to your chosen area alongside other SEO tips and tricks, you can easily rank first for self storage units in your area.


The Bottom Line

SEO is a crucial part of any self storage marketing strategy – and for good reason. By ranking high on Google and other search engines, you can make your self storage unit the default choice for consumers in your area, as well as gaining useful customer insight.

If you’re lacking SEO experience or simply don’t have time to develop SEO for self storage, it’s time to call in the pros. At Amax Marketing, we know the self storage industry insight out, and we’re experts at SEO marketing that gets your service seen by your target audience.

For more information on our SEO services, get in touch today. Your spot at the top of Google awaits.

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