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Why Is Blogging Important For The Self Storage Industry?

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If you run a self storage business, it’s easy to ignore the value of a blog. The simple thing to do is simply upload a decently written website, add a few images and some contact details, and hope for the best.

It may be the easiest option, but is it the best option for your business? Absolutely not.

Self storage marketing is just as important as marketing for any other industry, and blogs are one of the best tools any marketer has in their arsenal. Here’s why blogs are so important and why every self storage unit owner needs them.

Why Are Blogs Important For Self Storage Businesses?

If you’re familiar with the current status of the self storage industry, you’ll know it’s booming. That’s great for your sales, but it’s great for the sales of your competitors, too.

The more popular an industry becomes, the more businesses pop up, and the more you need to make your unit stand out from the rest. So, how do you achieve that? With a clever self storage marketing strategy.

If the idea of creating a marketing strategy fills you with dread, don’t panic. You can always invest in the expertise of a marketing agency to help you create killer content that converts. Here are the benefits of self storage blogging and how you can launch yours today.

Benefits Of Blogging

Whether you’re in the self storage industry or not, your business will benefit from blogging. Here’s how.

Blogging helps people find your business

How do most self storage users find units? Google. And how do you get to the top of Google? A marketing technique called SEO – that’s search engine optimisation for newbies.

There are a few ways you can boost your website’s SEO with the help of a blog. Firstly, you can add keywords to the blog. They’re search terms that Google recognises that can help you climb the rankings.

By creating blogs, you’re creating a page that other websites can link to – especially if you fill it with useful information or industry statistics. When other sites link to yours, it shows Google that you’ve got authority, further boosting your ranking.

Companies that blog get 97% more links to their websites, so the proof’s in the pudding that blogs improve your SEO.


Blogging increases your organic traffic

Let’s imagine somebody is considering putting their items in storage, so they search ‘why are self storage units useful?’ on Google. If you’ve written a blog related to the topic, Google might take them to your page.

Not only will your blog inform them of the benefits of self storage, but it will also introduce them to your services, converting them from curious to convinced.


Blogging helps with social media content

If you’ve written a particularly engaged blog that pulls in significant action for your site, repurpose the content for social media. That way, you’re creating a cohesive marketing strategy across all platforms, and it saves you the job of coming up with two different content plans.


Blogging helps you share company news

Blogging is an excellent way to keep potential, new, and existing customers up to date with what you’re doing. Have some news about an exciting new feature, or opening some new storage units and want to inform your customers? Blog about it!

Having a company blog allows you to post all important updates in one handy section of your site, and you can then link to those blogs on social media to spread the word further.


How To Launch And Maintain A Blog

If you’re launching a blog, remember to update it at least once weekly to create consistent traffic to your site.

Develop a marketing strategy based on your target audience, and base your blog posts around topics you think your target audience would want to read. Add relevant keywords and search terms for maximum SEO.

If you’re inexperienced with self storage blogging or simply don’t have the time to spare, hire a content marketing company to do the work for you. That way, you can get on with running your business while the experts boost your sales in the meantime.

Here at Amax Marketing, we’re experts in self storage and blogging, so it’s a win-win for your business. We can launch and maintain a blog for your site that’s guaranteed to attract new customers and engage existing ones.

For a chat about how we can help your business, get in touch today.

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