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What is the ALT Attribute in SEO and How Can it Help?


Have you ever heard of an ALT attribute before?

It’s a metadata field that can be added to any image file for additional information. This additional information includes things like the filename, description, keywords, and even the dimensions of the image. It is often used by search engines as a way to give more context to images when they are displayed on web pages.

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We will discuss what an ALT attribute is?

How it can help with SEO, and how it works?


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What is an ALT Attribute?

An Alt Attribute (sometimes referred to as an ‘alt tag’ ‘alt text’ or ‘alt description’) is a text alternative for search engines that is applied to image tags. Alt attributes provide more context about the meaning of images which helps search engines understand what the content is about.

For example, if you have an e-commerce store selling shoes, then using images in alt tags such as product photos can improve your store’s search engine rankings. This improves visibility and increases traffic to your website.


How Does it Work?

Using alt attributes in SEO involves creating text descriptions for each image on your website. These descriptions should be short but meaningful, and include relevant keywords that accurately describe the image itself as well as its purpose within the page content. It’s important to note that these descriptions are not visible on the page itself; they are only visible when viewing source code or inspecting elements on a web page.

When optimising images with alt attributes, be sure to use creative and descriptive language that accurately describes each image while also being concise enough so as not to disrupt user experience or distract from other important content on your page. Additionally, make sure all of your images have unique filenames so that search engines can easily identify them in their algorithms.

By utilising alt attributes correctly, you can improve user experience while also increasing your visibility online by helping search engine spiders crawl through your website more efficiently and accurately identify all of your content—including images—for higher rankings in SERPs (search engine results pages).

In conclusion, ALT attributes are a great tool for improving visibility online because they help provide more context about what each image represents which can in turn improve both user experience and SEO performance by making it easier for search engines to identify relevant content on webpages for higher rankings in SERPs (search engine results pages).

Not only do they help make websites more accessible for people with disabilities but they also allow businesses to take full advantage of visual media without sacrificing search engine optimisation efforts – so don’t forget about them!

If you want to maximise your chances of success online then make sure you utilise ALT attributes properly when building or revising webpages!

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