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What Are The Pain Points Of Self Storage Customers?

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Every consumer has a problem. Whether your feet don’t fit standard shoe sizes or you can’t find an eco-friendly alternative for your favourite product, the aim of most businesses is to solve one of your problems with their product or service.

These problems are also known as ‘pain points’. Pain points are specific problems faced by prospective customers in a given sector. You can use these pain points not only to develop your business, but also to create an effective marketing strategy.

Let’s take the example of eCommerce giant, Amazon. The company realised that a pain point for their customers was having to go through multiple stages and upload tons of details before they were able to buy a product. They solved this pain point by introducing one-click ordering.

No more uploading card details. No more confirming your address for the 10th time. Just a super efficient user experience.

What Is The PAS Technique?

In marketing (especially copywriting), there’s an often-used technique known as PAS, which stands for Problem-Agitate-Solve. This technique allows you to use pain points to sell your product or service to consumers.

To implement this approach, start by describing or identifying the problem your audience is experiencing. Then move on to the agitate part – tapping into the emotional fallout of this problem and how it affects your customers’ lives.

Finally, introduce the solution – your product or service. With 77% of internet users reading blogs, implementing this technique in your company blog can have impressive results.

But what exactly are the key pain points for self storage users, and how can you use them in your marketing for self storage? Let’s dive in.


Common Pain Points For Self Storage Customers

Adapting To Hybrid Working

In a post-pandemic world, many businesses are still coming to terms with the new hybrid working style that seems to be taking over the business world.

But if your workers are more productive from home so you shut your office, what happens to all of your office equipment? Whether it’s official documents or chairs and desks, business owners might want to hold onto the office equipment without needing an actual office.

This equipment might come in handy further down the line, especially if there’s a future plan to re-open the office, but they need somewhere to store it temporarily. That’s where your self storage unit comes in.

You can easily solve this pain point by offering self storage units for business equipment with special anti-humidity measures to keep electronic equipment safe.

Lack Of Space At Home

We’ve all been there. After years of collecting Christmas gifts, treadmills from that 2016 new years resolution, and coats we can’t bear to throw away, our homes get full of stuff.

Having to choose between having a cluttered home or giving away many of the items we hold dear is a common paint point for homeowners, to which self storage offers a solution.

With self storage, homeowners no longer have to choose between a trip to the charity shop with their items or a cluttered house with no space for new purchases.

Short Term Requirements

Consider a common scenario. A recent graduate has decided to take time out of job hunting to travel for six months. With no access to their student home and no space in their parents’ spare room, they need somewhere to store all their belongings. Their pain point is the lack of space to temporarily store their belongings.

That’s where self storage truly shines. The flexibility of self storage means they can keep their items there for as long as is necessary. If they decide to stay in Southeast Asia for longer? No problem; they can simply extend their contract.

This flexibility and variety of options are missing from other solutions, so push this benefit of self storage when creating your marketing plan.

Moving To A New Space

Country bumpkins wanting to restart life in a new city or devoted romantics wanting to move in with their new partner face a problem. If you’re moving from a larger space to a smaller space, such as from a house to an apartment, there’s simply nowhere to put your belongings.

The paint point comes when movers have to decide between throwing out their belongings or changing life plans. Self storage offers a solution; keep your items in a safe, secure space for when you need them, and chase that dream apartment in the city.


Invest In Self Storage Marketing That Targets Pain Points

Now you know exactly what’s bothering your potential customers, you can market your service as a solution. With a clever combination of content marketing, SEO, and social media posts, you can put the PAS technique into action and attract new customers.

Putting out a post-Christmas campaign focusing on the lack of space pain point, for example, could be incredibly effective. You’re agitating the problem at a critical time, when people have an abundance of new items they’ve been gifted and new year’s resolutions encouraging them to declutter.

We know that running a business is time-consuming work, and if you’re not a natural wordsmith or advertising whizz, creating a marketing strategy can be tricky. That’s where we come in.

At Amax Marketing, we offer every type of marketing your business needs, from regular blogs to website design and build. To see how we can revolutionise your self storage sales, get in touch today.

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