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How we increased growth inside the vending machine industry

Who are Connect Vending?

Connect Vending is an independent award-winning vending supplier that has been a trusted choice for over 25 years.

Since 1996, they have been delivering quality vending solutions to UK businesses, such as maintenance, supplying both vending machines and food and drink services, and even contactless vending machines. You can view all their services here.

So, how did Amax Marketing collaborate with Connect Vending?

Connect Vending’s CEO (Elyas Coutts) and Head of Marketing (Sam Roberts) first contacted us a couple months ago to help them scale up online.

We had a discussion around Connect Vending’s current online presence and how the site was performing. It was clear that Elyas and Sam both knew the benefits of online growth and the need for it to generate more leads. They already knew about the importance of SEO and PPC and have already invested in those sectors.

However, although their website was growing steadily, they were missing a fundamental part: Link building.

Our analysis discovered that they simply hadn’t built enough links to the Connect Vending domain, which meant they were missing out on a lot of untapped potential growth.

Why is Link Building important?

It is a MAJOR factor in how Google ranks pages.

The more high-quality backlinks you get to your domain, the likelier you will rank higher.


“Essentially, if you build epic links to your site, Google will see that as an indication that your content is link-worthy. Links show Google you have something people want to read and talk about. A link is basically a vote of trust, so the more votes of trust you get, the higher your rankings are likely to be.”

- Rahul Vekaria (Managing Director, Amax Marketing)

How We Did It

After taking the most important commercial keywords for Connect Vending, we here at Amax Marketing went off and started focussing on the articles that we thought would gain them the highest number of quality backlinks.

Luckily, the team produces regular blog content, which meant that we could start building links to the existing content that was available – saving time and money for everyone!

If you haven’t invested in your blog or are thinking about it, have a read here and we can help you out. It’s super fundamental for growth as it shows Google your site is active.

To earn links we took existing content and pitched it to various outlets, from vending machine and coffee machine brands to wellness bloggers and industry experts, tailoring our approach each time to be as relevant as possible.

If you can provide relevant, related content that adds value to another site’s article or page, then people and businesses will be more likely to link back to your site.

And we stress the word relevant. If you’re an ecommerce football boots shop, trying to get links on a site that is dedicated to netball content, the chances of that are low – unless you buy them…


​However, if you take anything away from this, let it be: Do not buy links, earn them.

Earn your links through excellent content and impactful link building strategies, and won’t get penalised by Google and lose all your rankings.

What Did We Achieve In Less Than 3 Months?


Overall: Leads increased! 🚀

1. Overall site Domain Rating increased in just 30 days in. (This is your site’s rating, similar to how IMDB rates films.)

2. Organic traffic steadily increasing on Google Analytics since first link built on 16 July 2022.


3. HUGE improvements to keywords containing ‘vending machine’ over previous 3 months 🚀

“We’ve seen an almost 20% increase in referring domains since we started working with Amax Marketing, which is a massive improvement quarter on quarter.

Not only have we seen this increase in quantity, but the quality of the referring domains has been excellent. We’ve already seen an upturn in leads in the first three months and we are excited to see what comes through in the next year.”

Elyas Coutts

Managing Director

What’s Next?

We’re thrilled that Connect Vending trusted us to deliver and that we were able to get them the growth in just 3 months.

The team at Amax is going to continue to build some epic links for Connect Vending until 2023 and beyond.

Discussions on the importance of Digital PR & Content Marketing are happening, so stay tuned for that!

And if you need any link building help, contact us today.

How We Increased Growth Inside The Vending Machine Industry

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