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Every small business owner agrees on one thing – every penny spent should offer a significant return on investment. Business owners are, understandably, reluctant to part with cash, especially for a service that they believe can be performed in-house.

But what if we told you that spending money on a small, independent marketing agency can actually save you money in the long run? Although it seems counterintuitive to spend more to save more, working with an expert marketing agency with proven results can leave you with more money than when you started. Here’s how.


Cultivate personal relationships

Working with big marketing firms can be a successful endeavour, but our favourite thing about working with a smaller business is that personal touch.

When you opt for a small, independent agency, you’ll be assigned an account manager who’ll be able to dedicate time to genuinely getting to know your business, and providing personalised marketing tips tailored to your brand.

There’s simply no better feeling than working with a professional who genuinely gets what you’re all about and wants to help consumers understand it, too.

Enjoy access to marketing software

More than half of marketers say AI and automation software is crucial to their success. With an ever-increasing number of tools on the market, it’s easier than ever to get a digital helping hand with your marketing strategy.

But SEO software, analytics tools, grammar-checking software – it all adds up. When you’re paying for multiple types of marketing software, your profit margins can take a real hit, leading you to have to prioritise and get rid of digital tools.

The advantage of working with a marketing agency is that they have all the tools at their disposal to make your marketing plan a success. Whether it’s searching for keywords or analysing key ad metrics, you’ll no longer have to spend money on resources to do it.

Be more cost-effective

Part of your plan for saving marketing costs in 2023 should be to opt for more cost-effective measures. If you’re currently running your marketing department in-house with little experience, you’re probably not spending your money in the best places.

Marketing agencies know everything there is to know about spending your marketing budget wisely. From optimising your Google Ads campaign so you’ll spend less per conversion to skipping the most expensive social media ads in favour of organic growth, a marketing agency can advise you on the cheapest ways to get results.

They know what actually works and what doesn’t, meaning no more throwing money at the wall and hoping for results without a proper plan of action.

Focus on growing your business

Time is every business owner’s nemesis because there’s simply never enough of it. Every business owner wants to create a killer marketing strategy, but the reality is, many simply don’t have the time. And when you do put aside time, other parts of the business suffer, leading to customer complaints and potential lost revenue.

By working with a small marketing agency, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds. Not only will your marketing strategy be taken care of, but your time will be freed up to focus on improving your bottom line.


Save money on additional employees

Small businesses need to save every penny possible, and that includes labour costs. If you’re a small business with minimal cash flow, every staff member you hire needs to be valuable all year round.

If you need a concentrated marketing effort for specific campaigns or certain times of the year, it simply doesn’t make sense to hire marketing staff all year round. Instead, only spend money on marketing when you need it by hiring an agency to get you through those busy periods or your first year in business.

Saving market costs in 2023 with an expert agency


For any business that’s serious about growth, enlisting small marketing agencies to help save money is a no-brainer. Marketing agencies can look at your existing marketing strategy and recalibrate it to be more cost-effective.

What’s more, they’ll help you create more revenue and reduce the need for extra marketing staff. Here at Amax Marketing, we take our responsibility to save money on your marketing costs seriously.

We know you want an excellent return on investment from your marketing expenditure, which is why we only invest money in services we know work. For more information on how we can boost your sales and save costs, get in touch.


How independent & smaller agencies will help you shave costs in 2023

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