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How did Amax Marketing help gain growth for a multi-location-based container self-storage site?

1 %
increase in Google My Business impressions in Bristol
1 %
increase in Google My Business calls in Bristol
1 %
increase in Google My Business Calls in Leeds
1 %
increase in Google My Business in Leeds
new keywords in to 3 positions
new keyword in 1st position
increases in rankings (Desktop)
increases in rankings (Mobile)

Who are Admirals Yard?

Admirals Yard is a self-storage containment company started in 1998, they have established four distinct sites across the UK in Bristol, Leeds, Sheffield, and Slough. They offer a range of self-storage facilities for individuals, businesses, domestic and private use. Container sizes start from 35 sq. ft to 160 sq. ft.

Where did they need help?

Admirals Yard has previously dabbled into the realms of PPC, which is a very popular technique inside the industry, however, it can cost a lot of money, this time round they wanted to go through the organic SEO route to bring in more leads, awareness, and traffic.


Increase traffic to the site.

Increase Keyword placements.

Drive new keyword rankings.

Reduce the bounce rate and increase engagement.

Move their hosting & SSL.

Move their site to a new stronger content management system.

How did Amax Marketing Help?

In February 2023, we began our work, we first needed to look at what gaps were missing, where the competitors were, which keywords we wanted to aim for, and as self-storage is so dependent on localisation, we will be pushing local SEO big time!

The first month we covered…

Conducted keyword research

We looked at the data to see what people search for on Google. What are the most lucrative keywords for Admirals Yard, then we started producing some on-page activity.

Ran a Technical SEO Audit

This is where we looked at what’s missing on the site, what needs to be fixed, how to do it & put this together in terms of priority.

On-Page SEO (Location Pages)

Ensured that all the on-page content on the site was correctly optimised with the right keywords, headers and most importantly included the right locations.

Meta Data

These are small snippets of text that describe the page’s content, the meta tags don’t show on the page itself, but they sit in the code. Admirals Yard were missing some of these which means Google wouldn’t be able to know what the page is about, which could hamper your SEO growth.

Internal/External Linking

Internal linking involves adding hyperlinks within your website’s content that lead to other pages or resources within the same domain. Benefits include improved user navigation, enhanced SEO by distributing link equity and helping search engines understand your site’s structure.
External linking, or outbound linking, includes hyperlinks in your content that point to external websites or resources on different domains. Benefits include providing credibility and additional information to readers, enhancing content quality, and signalling to search engines the relevance and authority of your content.

Header Tags

Think of header tags as the titles and subtitles in a book. They organize and label content on a webpage, making it easier to read and understand. This helps both people and search engines navigate the page, leading to a better website experience and improved search engine rankings.

Social Meta Data

Think of social metadata as labels for web content. These labels determine how a link looks on social media, making it more attractive and informative when shared. They help people click on shared links and engage with content online.

Google My Business Review & Optimisation

We made sure we focused a good chunk of time on this, location is everything inside this industry, we needed to make sure all the reviews were accurate and made sure that each profile was set to the right location and postal codes.

Keyword Insertion

After the keyword research was complete, we then took all the research, we looked at keyword searches per month, competitiveness, which new ones we could capture and which ones we could make good moves on etc. Then we included these throughout the whole site and any new content we needed to include, we did so!

Then we moved optimal monthly consistent deliverables...

Guest Posting – Link Building

As link building holds such a big ranking factor, we wanted to ensure this played a big part inside of our organic growth. Our goal here is to create relevant articles/blog posts on external websites and point a link back to the Admirals website. If you want to find out more about this, check out our post here!


Citations in SEO refer to online mentions of a business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) on various websites, directories, and platforms. These citations help establish the legitimacy and authority of a local business and play a crucial role in local search engine rankings. Again another form of link-building!


Development work

We included new pages and added a new calculator page inside this.


Moved them to a much stronger, streamlined, future-proof CMS (content management system) Elementor Pro, by moving this Admirals Yard now have full ownership of any changes and are now optimised for speed too!

Fast Forward 7 months...

1 %
increase in conversion rate in Leeds
1 %
increase in conversion rate in Slough
1 %
increase in conversions rate in Bristol

“It’s been great to work with Rahul and the Amax Marketing team, they are easy to contact and are helpful when we need any marketing help. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them.”


Admiral’s Yard Self Storage

At Amax Marketing, we’re proud members of the Self-Storage Association. We’ve been working hard to help self-storage owners get more inquiries by using powerful strategies like SEO and improving user experience. If you’re in the self-storage business and want to boost your inquiries, whether it’s improving your website, using social media better, or getting seen on search engines, we’re here to help! Plus, we have a FREE website audit just for you.

How Amax Marketing helped gain growth for a multi-location-based container self-storage site?

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