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How we helped a local barbershop grow by 40% in 5 months!

Who are 4K Barbers?

4K Barbers is a fairly new business who have been running for less than two years. They provide top-notch barber services. Located in Harrow, London, 4K Barbers is a barbershop that has gained a lot of attention recently, offering a wide range of grooming services to clients.

Where did they need help?

The owners of 4K Barbers were fairly busy, but they wanted more footfall, they wanted to increase their online presence and drive more customers through Local SEO.

April 2023, the 4K team reached out to us to discuss how they can get more business and gain more traction through new customers.
After some discovery, as for any local business, it is important for them to rank higher for location-based keywords and be much more prominent on Google My Business listings.

Alongside this, we needed to showcase their skills through social media channels as well as a brand-new bespoke website.

Problems we faced…

Previously situated in the current address there used to be another barbershop called Esco Barbers, which received a lot of negative backlash through reviews which was detrimenting the reputation for 4K barbers.



How did Amax Marketing Help?

Modern and Stylish Design

A Wix-built website with a sleek and modern design was developed with a black and gold colour scheme, representing the classic modern-day barbershop look. To maintain a sense of professionalism and trendiness, high-quality images of the barbershop’s interior, staff, and customers were incorporated.

Mobile Optimisation

The website was designed to be entirely responsive, providing the best possible user experience on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. This was critical in helping their SEO and search rankings.


Online Booking System

An intuitive online booking system was integrated into the website, allowing customers to select services, choose their preferred barber, and schedule appointments at their convenience. This feature significantly improved customer engagement and retention.

Google My Business

We removed the previous shop (Esco Barbers) and replaced this with a new optimised Google My Business account. We then gave the owners the right training and tools (QR Codes) to ensure they were pushing the Google Reviews with every customer.


SEO Optimisation

This is where we looked at what’s missing on the site, what needs to be fixed, how to do it & put this together in terms of priority.

On-Page SEO (Location Pages)

Extensive keyword research was conducted to optimise the website’s content for local search queries related to barbershops. Relevant meta tags, descriptions, alt tags and structured data were used to improve search engine rankings.

Google My Business is reeking rewards, they now have accumulated over 138 Google reviews and still counting!

A much more efficient operation with the online booking system, customers don’t need to wait, with timing and professionalism this leaves all customers satisfied.

Ranking on the first page of Google for many local ‘barbershop’ related keywords, bringing them more business.

Most importantly business has grown by 40%, a much more of a higher footfall. Giving them a good new problem…where there were only two barbers, they’ve had to recruit a third!

“I can’t describe how grateful we are at 4K Barbers for the excellent work that Amax Marketing has done for us! The website now provides our customers with all the information they need as well as to book online. The Google reviews for us have been a game-changer! Both of these combined have significantly improved our online visibility and reputation.

We’ve grown by 40%, we’re gaining new customers who are now turning into regular customers. Thank you Amax Marketing.”

Mo & Arian

4k Barbers

How Amax helped a local barbershop grow by 40% in 5 months!

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